Die Tribute Von Panem - Mockingjay: Teil 2 (2015)
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Title Die Tribute Von Panem - Mockingjay: Teil 2
Production Year 2015
Synopsis After young Katniss Everdeen agrees to be the symbol of rebellion, the Mockingjay, she tries to return Peeta to his normal state, tries to get to the Capitol, and tries to deal with the battles coming her way...but all for her main goal: assassinating President Snow and returning peace to the Districts of Panem. As her squad starts to get smaller and smaller, will she make it to the Capitol? Will she get revenge on Snow or will her target change? Will she be with her "Star-Crossed Lover," Peeta, or her long-time friend, Gale? Deaths, bombs, bow and arrows, a love triangle, hope... What will happen?
Leading Role Jennifer Lawrence - Katniss Everdeen; Josh Hutcherson - Peeta Mellark; Liam Hemsworth - Gale Hawthorne; Woody Harrelson - Haymitch Abernathy; Donald Sutherland - President Snow
Supporting Role Philip Seymour Hoffman - Plutarch Heavensbee; Julianne Moore - President Alma Coin; Willow Shields - Primrose Everdeen; Sam Claflin - Finnick Odair; Elizabeth Banks - Effie Trinket; Mahershala Ali - Boggs; Jena Malone - Johanna Mason; Jeffrey Wright - Beetee; Paula Malcomson - Katniss' Mother; Stanley Tucci - Caesar Flickerman; Natalie Dormer - Cressida; Evan Ross - Messalla; Elden Henson - Pollux; Wes Chatham - Castor; Eugenie Bondurant - Tigris; Sarita Choudhury - Egeria; Stef Dawson - Annie Cresta; Meta Golding - Enobaria; Patina Miller - Commander Paylor; Omid Abtahi - Homes; Joe Chrest - Mitchell; Michelle Forbes - Lieutenant Jackson; Misty Ormiston - Leeg #1; Kim Ormiston - Leeg #2; Gwendoline Christie - Commander Lyme; Robert Knepper - Antonius; Mark Jeffrey Miller - D4 Officiant; April Grace - Doctor Aurelius; David Hallyday - Greenhouse Guard #1; Linds Edwards - Injured Career; Thomas Blake Jr. - Rebel Sniper; Cameron MacConomy - Pugnax; Desmond Phillips - Commander of D5; Elle Graham - Girl in Lemon Yellow Coat; Lacy Dmitriew - Rebel Nurse; Kate Rachesky - Capitol Girl; Phillip Troy Linger - Katniss's Father; Bear Lawrence - Everdeen Child #1; Theodore Lawrence - Everdeen Child #2; Jasmine Ahnie - District 8 Hospital Patient (uncredited); Andrew Almanza - Guy (uncredited); Evan D. Anderson - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Sue-Lynn Ansari - District 8 (uncredited); Phil Armijo - Capital Citizen (uncredited); De'Marco Arrington - Rebel Kid (uncredited); Trevor Bagwell - Capitol Kid (uncredited); Jonathan Billions - Capitol Boy (uncredited); Samuel L. Billions - Capitol Boy (uncredited); William David Billions - Capitol Boy (uncredited); Jae Bireley - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Sarah Blackman - Mom of Girl in Yellow Coat (uncredited); Austin Bollinger - Military Rebel (uncredited); Milena Bolouri - District 7 Rebel (uncredited); Bradley Bowen - C151 Capitol Resident (uncredited); Dante Briggins - Peacekeeper (uncredited); Cameron Brinkman - District 5 Rebel (uncredited); DuRa Brown - District 13 Soldier (uncredited); Stephen Mackenzie Brown - District 13 Soldier (uncredited); Alyssa Riley Burrell - Capitol Girl (uncredited); Robert Byron - District 5 Rebel (uncredited); Phil Cappadora - Citizen B (uncredited); John M. Carpenter - Peacekeeper / District 13 Soldier (uncredited); Sandhya Chandel - District 13 Citizen (uncredited); Melissa Chandler - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Marshall Choka - District 13 Citizen (uncredited); Charles William Cook - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Kirk Crenshaw - Peacekeeper (uncredited); Greg Crews - Peacekeeper (uncredited); Christopher De Stefano - District 13 Rebel (uncredited); Courtney Dietz - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Francis Dobrisky - District 7 Rebel (uncredited); Chandler Dollahite - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Garrett H. Dumas - District 13 Citizen (uncredited); Jacklyn Edney - District 13 Citizen (uncredited); Michael Entrekin - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Jason Lee Erickson - Lumberjack Rebel (uncredited); Molly Evensen - Contra Dancer (uncredited); Ricardo Ewert - Worker (uncredited); Izzy Fenech - Capitol Kid (uncredited); Livi Fenech - Capital Citizen (uncredited); Brittany Foti - Capital Citizen (uncredited); Micky Francis - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); William Frasca - Capitol Aristocrat (uncredited); Marco Fuller - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Fred Galle - District 13 Lt. General (uncredited); Joshua Geckles - District 5 Rebel (uncredited); Jeff Glover - Lumberjack (uncredited); Curtis Gordon - District 13 Citizen (uncredited); Danny M. Gray - District 13 Command Center (uncredited); Roderick Green - District 11 Military Rebel (uncredited); Grace Hartsfield - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Robert Hatch - District 13 Citizen (uncredited); Tayloe Hatch - District 13 Citizen (uncredited); Roy Hawkins Jr. - Peacekeeper (uncredited); Matt Hay - District 5 Rebel (uncredited); Rory Healy - Military Rebel (uncredited); Lauren Henneberg - District 13 Citizen (uncredited); Sarah Turner Holland - District 13 Citizen (uncredited); Sean Householder - Power Rebel (uncredited); Raiden Integra - District 11 Rebel (uncredited); John Jaret - Timpani Drummer (uncredited); Clay Jeffries - District 13 Citizen (uncredited); Richard Jones - Citizen of the Capitol (uncredited); Stephanie Tyler Jones - Citizen Runner (uncredited); Toby Jones - Claudius Templesmith (uncredited); Katie Hartmann - Capitol Resident (uncredited); Hannah Keeterle - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Cameron James Khan - District 13 Rebel (uncredited); Jesse Kindred - District 13 Systems Operator (uncredited); King - Capitol Aristocrat (uncredited); Nathan J Kress - Lumberjack Rebel (uncredited); Levi Krevinghaus - District 7 Rebel Guard (uncredited); Kenley Krey - Capitol Kid (uncredited); Evlin Lake - Capitol Woman (uncredited); Sailor Larocque - Parakeet Woman (uncredited); Roy Larsen - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Tobias Lauterberg - Extra (uncredited); David London - District 13 (uncredited); Jean Christophe Loustau - Peacekeeper (uncredited); Luke Loveless - Capital Kid (uncredited); Jasmine Lowe - Capitol Woman / District 8 Rebel (uncredited); Jason Lyke - Capital (uncredited); Corey Maher - District 13 General Bogg's Guard (uncredited); Lucky Mangione - District 13 Rebel (uncredited); Kenneth Manos - Bogg's Security (uncredited); Dominyck McCargo - District 11 Rebel (uncredited); Trey McGriff - Capitol Resident (uncredited); Monroe Miller - District 13 captiol (uncredited); Kayla Moore - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Roger Neal - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Jessica Padgett - Capitol Citizen / Young Mother (uncredited); Jessica Paidge - Capital Citizen (uncredited); Justin Parks - Capitol Twin (uncredited); Brayden Patterson - District 13 Citizen (uncredited); Michael J. Patterson - D-11 Citizen (uncredited); Darla Pelton-Perez - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Max Perethian - Lumber rebel (uncredited); Ej Peterson - Capital Woman (uncredited); Zane Pittman - Peacekeeper (uncredited); Lou Ravelli - Capitol Girl (uncredited); Scytorya Rhodes - D-11 Citizen (uncredited); Lilly Roberson - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Emma Elle Roberts - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Christabelle Rose - District 5 Rebel (uncredited); Nancy Sandlin - District 5 Rebel (uncredited); Caleb Shore - District 5 Rebel (uncredited); Gary Sievers - District 7 Rebel (uncredited); Raian Stanley - District 5 Rebel (uncredited); Chris Stein - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Kaitlynn Stone - Capitol Child (uncredited); Chayma Surhan - Woman district (uncredited); Sandra Tauro - District 13 Combat Soldier (uncredited); Dezirae Teal - Capitol Woman (uncredited); Chris Theisinger - District 13 Combat Security (uncredited); Agnes Thi-Mai - Combat Commander, District 13 (uncredited); DeMark Thompson - Peacekeeper (uncredited); Josh Tippey - Nuclear Technician (uncredited); Kyle Viveiros - District 13 Soldier (uncredited); Jeffrey Vu - District 8 Rebel (uncredited); Ikia Walker - Fabric Rebel (uncredited); Kathy Walton - District 13 Citizen (uncredited); Bailee Watters - District 13 Citizen / Runner (uncredited); Grace Marie Williams - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Erick Wofford - District 5 Rebel (uncredited); Ilia Wolfe - Capitol Kid (uncredited); Aja Wooldridge - Capitol Kid (uncredited); Ashton Lee Woolen - District 13 Rebel (uncredited); Stefanie Wright - District 11 official (uncredited); Alexander Yassin - District 13 Citizen (uncredited); Jessica Yoshimura - D 13 Contra Dancer (uncredited); Cheyanna Lavon Zubas - Capitol citizen (uncredited)
Crew Thomas J. O'Connell - Adr Mixer; Ralph Osborn - Dialogue Editor; Jeremy Peirson - Re-Recording Mixer/Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor; Mark Purcell - Dubbing Recordist; John St. Denis - Adr Mixer; Alicia Stevenson - Foley Artist; Xavier Thieulin - Sound Assistant; John Joseph Thomas - Foley Supervisor; Nick Thompson - Audio Playback Technician; Ryan Young - Adr Recordist; Billy Theriot - Adr Mixer; Rene Barthel - Special Effects Assistant; Jaroslav Bucek - Special Effects Breakaway Foreman; Nathen Cavins - Special Effects Technician; Terry Chapman - Special Effects Technician; Mancico Troy Cloud - Special Effects Assistant/Special Effects Technician; Steve Cremin - Special Effects Coordinator; Roderic 'Mick' Duff - Special Effects Technician; Donny Eidson - Special Effects Assistant; Andre Emme - Special Effects Technician; Norman Ernst - Special Effects Senior Technician; Christoph Gartlacher - Special Effects Senior Technician; Daniel Godec - Special Effects Assistant; Trey Gordon - Special Effects Technician; Dean Hathaway - Snow Effects Technician; Andreas Herberg - Special Effects Technician; Nick Karas - Special Effects Technician; Pete Kelley - Special Effects Technician: Ironhead Studio; Jay King - Fx Tech; William D. 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Patrick Daily - Stunt Rigger; Scott Dale - Stunts; Chris Daniels - Stunts; Shane Daniels - Stunts; Elizabeth Davidovich - Stunts; Keith Splinter Davis - Stunts; Kent De Mond - Stunts; Nick DeKay - Stunts; Kevin Derr - Stunts; Holland Diaz - Stunts; Rockey Dickey Jr. - Stunt Rigger; Arturo Dickey - Stunt Rigger; Philip Dido - Stunts; Josh Diogo - Stunts; Lyne Doffagne - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Paris; Yan Dron - Stunts; Georg Ebinal - Stunts: Berlin; Adam C. Edwards - Stunts; Jörg Ellmer - Utility Stunts; Ian Eyre - Stunts/Utility Stunts; Jeremy Fitzgerald - Stunt Double: Liam Hemsworth; Bodie Fitzpatrick - Motion Capture Stunt Performer: Weta Digital; Kristoffer Fuss - Stunts: Berlin; Monique Ganderton - Stunt Double: Michelle Forbes/Stunt Performer; Bella Garcia - Stunts: Berlin; Jacob Garcia - Stunts; Kyle Gardiner - Stunt Rigger; Jérôme Gaspard - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Paris; Phong Giang - Stunts: Berlin/Stunts: Peacekeeper; Sascha Girndt - Stunts: Berlin; Christian Gneissl - Stunts: Berlin; Daniel Graham - Stunts; Marian Green - Stunt Performer; Dean Grimes - Stunts/Utility Stunts; Joshua Grothe - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Berlin; Philippe Guégan - Stunt Coordinator; Sean Guégan - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Paris; Wanja Götz - Stunts: Berlin; Matthias Günther - Stunts: Berlin; Dante Ha - Stunt Performer/Stunts; Kristin Haberland - Stunts: Berlin; Tim Haberland - Stunts: Berlin; Thomas Hacikoglu - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Berlin; Ralf Haeger - Stunt Coordinator: Berlin; Garrett Hammond - Stunt Performer/Stunts; Isaac Hamon - Stunt Coordinator: Motion Capture: Weta Digital; Francis Lawrence - Director; Danny Strong - Screenplay Writer; Peter Craig - Screenplay Writer: Screenplay) an; Suzanne Collins - Screenplay Writer: Adaptation/Screenplay Writer: Novel "Mockingjay"/Executive Producer; John Bernard - Co-Producer: Paris; Joseph Drake - Executive Producer; Miki Emmrich - Line Producer: Germany/Production Manager: Germany; Christoph Fisser - Co-Producer; Jan Foster - Executive Producer/Production Manager; Jeffrey Harlacker - Associate Producer/Post-Production Supervisor; Nina Jacobson - Producer; Jon Kilik - Producer; Cameron MacConomy - Associate Producer; Henning Molfenter - Co-Producer; Michael Paseornek - Production Executive; Allison Shearmur - Executive Producer; Bryan Unkeless - Co-Producer; Charlie Woebcken - Co-Producer; James Newton Howard - Music Composer; Jo Willems - Cinematographer; Alan Edward Bell - Editor; Mark Yoshikawa - Editor; Debra Zane - Casting; Philip Messina - Production Designer; Andrew Max Cahn - Art Director; Priscilla Elliott - Art Director; Wolfgang Metschan - Art Director; Lauren E. 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Ryan Mooney - Stunt Performer/Stunts; Kevin Morgan - Stunts; William Morts - Stunt Rigger; Marie Mouroum - Stunt Player/Stunts: Berlin; Matthew Austin Murray - Stunts; Mike Möller - Stunts: Berlin; Alexandra Nazahn - Stunts: Berlin; Jockel Neubauer - Stunts: Berlin; Logan Newell - Stunts; Haley Nott - Stunts; Louis-Marie Nyee - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Paris; Paul Andrew O'Connor - Stunts; Chris O'Hara - Stunt Coordinator: Reshoots; Becky Ohmes - Stunts; Jane Oshita - Stunts/Utility Stunts; Allan Padelford - Stunts; Christopher Padilla - Stunts; Hannes Pastor - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Berlin; Georgina Philp - Stunts: Berlin; Anthony Pho - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Paris; Julie Pinault - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Paris; Theresa Pink - Stunt Player/Stunts; Leo Plank - Stunt Driver/Stunts: Berlin; Markus Ranglack - Stunts: Berlin; Swen Raschka - Stunts: Berlin; Sarah Reagin - Stunt Double: Willow Shields/Stunts; Frederick Renard - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Paris; Greg Reynolds - Stunts; Uli Richter - Stunts: Berlin; Bayland Rippenkroeger - Stunts/Utility Stunts; Cody Robinson - Stunts; Dalton Rondell - Stunts; R.A. Rondell - Supervising Stunt Coordinator; John Ross (II) - Stunt Double: Omid Abtahi; Andy Rusk - Stunts; Thierry Saelens - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Paris; Ayami Sakaeda - Stunt Performer; Maya Santandrea - Stunts; Erik Schultz - Stunt Double: Liam Hemsworth / Gale/Stunts; John J. Shim - Stunt Performer/Stunts; Ludo Silemetzoglou - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Paris; Brian Simpson - Stunt Rigger/Utility Stunts; Laurie Singer - Stunts; Lonnie R. Smith Jr. - Stunts; Jamie Smith - Motion Capture Stunt Performer: Weta Digital; Jackson Spidell - Finnick Stunt Double; Greg Sproles - Stunt Performer/Stunts; Nick Stanner - Stunts; Remington Steele - Stunts; Eric Stratemeier - Stunts; Ryan Stratis - Stunts; C.C. Taylor - Stunts; Todd Rogers Terry - Stunts; Eskindir Tesfay - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Berlin; Charlene Thoms - Stunts: Berlin; Aaron Toney - Stunts; Hélène Tran - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Paris; Ashley Rae Trisler - Stunts; Amy Lynn Tuttle - Stunt Performer/Stunts; Jaye Tyroff - Stunts; Frédéric Vallet - Stunt Performer/Stunts: Paris; John T. Vogt - Stunts; Todd Warren - Stunts; Vanessa Wieduwilt - Stunts/Stunts: Berlin; Joe Williams - Stunt Double: Evan Ross/Stunts; Mike Wilson - Stunts; Justin T. Woods - Stunts; Eddie Yansick - Stunt Rigger; Cha-Lee Yoon - Stunts: Berlin