Die Tribute Von Panem - Catching Fire (2013)
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Title Die Tribute Von Panem - Catching Fire
Production Year 2013
Synopsis Twelve months after winning the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen and her partner Peeta Mellark must go on what is known as the Victor's Tour, wherein they visit all the districts, but before leaving, Katniss is visited by President Snow who fears that Katniss defied him a year ago during the games when she chose to die with Peeta. With both Katniss and Peeta declared the winners, it is fueling a possible uprising. He tells Katniss that while on tour she better try to make sure that she puts out the flames or else everyone she cares about will be in danger.
Leading Role Jennifer Lawrence - Katniss Everdeen; Liam Hemsworth - Gale Hawthorne; Jack Quaid - Marvel; Taylor St. Clair - Ripper; Sandra Ellis Lafferty - Greasy Sae (as Sandra Lafferty)
Supporting Role Woody Harrelson - Haymitch Abernathy; Josh Hutcherson - Peeta Mellark; Paula Malcomson - Katniss' Mother; Willow Shields - Primrose Everdeen; Donald Sutherland - President Snow; Elizabeth Banks - Effie Trinket; Bruce Bundy - Octavia; Nelson Ascencio - Flavius; Lenny Kravitz - Cinna; Stanley Tucci - Caesar Flickerman; Afemo Omilami - District 11 Mayor; Kimberley Drummond - Rue's Aunt; Deena Beasley - Thresh's Grandmother; Leon Lamar - Old Man; Mandy Neuhaus - Flower Girl; Erika Bierman - Snow's Granddaughter; Philip Seymour Hoffman - Plutarch Heavensbee; Wilbur Fitzgerald - Cray; Patrick St. Esprit - Commander Thread; Jill Jane Clements - Old Lady; James Sutton - Presidential Guard; Alan Ritchson - Gloss; Stephanie Leigh Schlund - Cashmere; Meta Golding - Enobaria; Jeffrey Wright - Beetee; Amanda Plummer - Wiress; Megan Hayes - Female Morphling; Sam Claflin - Finnick Odair; Stef Dawson - Annie Cresta; Lynn Cohen - Mags; Toby Jones - Claudius Templesmith; Jena Malone - Johanna Mason; James Logan - District 5 Male Tribute; E. Roger Mitchell - Chaff; Bruno Gunn - Brutus; Maria Howell - Seeder; Judd Lormand - Hovercraft Peacekeeper; Elena Sanchez - Cecelia; John Casino - Woof; Marian Green - District 9 Female Tribute (as Marian Greene); Daniel Bernhardt - District 9 Male Tribute; Ravi Naidu - Operator #1; Franco Castan - Operator #2; Andrea Alcorn - D12 Hob (uncredited); Jared Allman - Capital Aristocrat (uncredited); Scott Alms - Game Tech (uncredited); Laura Avnaim - Trainer (uncredited); Tanner Baker - Hob Vendor / District 12 Resident (uncredited); Noëlle Renée Bercy - District II Citizen (uncredited); JoAnn Bernat - Hobb District Worker (uncredited); Terri Blazek - Game Tech (uncredited); Christina Blizzard - Capitol (uncredited); Kurt Bonatz - Tribute Past Victor District 2 (uncredited); Jenna Brandi - District 4 Citizen / District 6 Citizen (uncredited); Giovanna Braund - Capitol (uncredited); Starlin Britt - Capitol Aristocrat (uncredited); Nicky Buggs - Tympanist (uncredited); Charles Casey - District 6 Official (uncredited); Harley Castro - Peacekeeper (uncredited); Jordan Christian - District 11 Rioter (uncredited); Chuck Clark - District 8 Official (uncredited); Hunter Clowdus - Capitol (uncredited); Brian Cole - District 11 Rioter (uncredited); Rita Conte - Hob (uncredited); Samantha Gillies Cox - District member 1 / 2 / 3 / 11, District 3 Council Member (uncredited); Greg Crews - Peacekeeper (uncredited); Camryn Curtis - Rue's Sister (uncredited); Courtney Curtis - Rue's Sister (uncredited); Moses Das - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Lindsay Davis - Cashmere's Stylist (uncredited); John Deifer - District 12 Hob Vendor / Rioter (uncredited); Max DiNatale - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Elyse Dufour - Capitol Aristocrat (uncredited); Justin East - Capitol Aristocrat (uncredited); Michael J. Flanagan - Presidential Cabinet (uncredited); John Fleischmann - District 8 Official (uncredited); Sarra Forti - District 12 Girl (uncredited); William Frasca - Capital Aristocrat (uncredited); Miranda-Lynn Gartin - Capitol Woman (uncredited); Jeff Glover - Presidential Cabinet Member (uncredited); Robert Hatch - District 3 / District 11 Rioter (uncredited); Rory Healy - Transportation Official (uncredited); Ron Heisler - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Karen Henning - Capital Aristocrat (uncredited); Sarah Turner Holland - Capitol Aristocrat (uncredited); Vincent Howard - Coal Miner / Farmer / Textile Worker (uncredited); Raiden Integra - District 11 Rioter (uncredited); Abigail Jackson - Past Victor District 2 (uncredited); Michael Jaegers - Gale Miner (uncredited); John Jaret - Timpani Drummer (uncredited); Dale Anthony Jennings - Citizen (uncredited); Eric Jepson - District 6 Protester (uncredited); Cecilia Johnson - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Jevon Johnson - District 11 / Farm Boy (uncredited); Berglind Jonsdottir - Past Victor District 2 (uncredited); Bobby Jordan - Blight (uncredited); Kathryn Kelly - District 4 Family Member (uncredited); Angela Kerecz - Capitol Aristocrat (uncredited); Debi Kimsey - Dowager Capitol Woman (uncredited); King - Stylist of District 10 (uncredited); Mehmet Korhan - Game Tech (uncredited); Levi Krevinghaus - District 6 Dealer (uncredited); Omar Lagudali - Peacekeeper (uncredited); Johnny Land - Capital Elite (uncredited); Kirk LaSalle - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Ivette Li-Sanchez - Tribute Girl District 5 (uncredited); Kenneth Manos - Game Tech (uncredited); Lindley Mayer - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Andrew S. McMillan - District 3 / District 11 Rioter (uncredited); Mike McVearry - Capitol (uncredited); Gary Miller - Hob Vendor - District 12 (uncredited); Rocky Mohammed - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Jaylen Moore - Peacemaker (uncredited); Aaron Taylor Morrow - District 12 Member (uncredited); Moses J. Moseley - District 11 citizen (uncredited); Carson Nicely - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Kevin J. O'Connor - Capital Citizen (uncredited); Dayo Okeniyi - Thresh (archive footage) (uncredited); Jonathan Pal - Avox Boy (uncredited); William Palmer Jr. - Gamemaker Disciple (uncredited); John J. Palomino - Game Tech (uncredited); Christopher Payne - Coal Miner (uncredited); Michael Pendergrass - Capitol Gentleman (uncredited); April Phipps - Capitol Aristocrat (uncredited); Keith Ratchek - Old Peacekeeper #1 (uncredited); Juliet Reeves - Outraged Capitol Woman (uncredited); Edd Robinson - Gamekeeper Disciple (uncredited); Joel Rogers - Capitol Aristocrat (uncredited); Dillon Roseen - District 11 Rioter (uncredited); Anthony Rosso - District 12 / 8 Male (uncredited); Julisita Salcedo - Capitol Aristocrat (uncredited); Nancy Sandlin - District 6 Official / District 4 Citizen (uncredited); Gina Santiago - District 3 Worker (uncredited); Matthew Sara - Gamekeeper (uncredited); Eli Shannon - Capitol Aristocrat (uncredited); Jackson Spidell - Tribute Man District 10 (uncredited); Ron Stafford - Past Victor District 4 (uncredited); Angela Dawn Staten - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Amandla Stenberg - Rue (archive footage) (uncredited); Kelly Sturniolo - Hob Vendor / District 12 Resident (uncredited); Don Teems - District 3 Worker (uncredited); Michael A. Templeton - Gamemaker (uncredited); William Tokarsky - Someone Else (uncredited); Jerrad Vunovich - District 3 Man (uncredited); Bilan Walker - District 11 Rioter (uncredited); Eli Walker - District 12 Citizen (uncredited); Kathy Walton - District 12 (uncredited); Bailee Watters - Capitol Citizen (uncredited); Tiffany Waxler - Tribute Woman District 10 (uncredited); Ben Weddington - Propaganda Miner (uncredited); Joseph Wesolowski - Districts 3 & 11 - Extra (uncredited); Memi West - (uncredited); Amy Westmoreland - District 12 Hob Mother (uncredited); Garret Ethan Whittington - District 11 Rioter (uncredited); Nickolas Wolf - Hob Kid (uncredited); Ashton Lee Woolen - Hob Vendor (uncredited)
Crew Francis Lawrence - Director; Michael Arndt - Screenplay Writer; Simon Beaufoy - Screenplay Writer: Screenplay) an; Suzanne Collins - Screenplay Writer: Novel "Catching Fire"/Executive Producer; Joseph Drake - Executive Producer; Nina Jacobson - Producer; Jon Kilik - Producer; Michael Paseornek - Production Executive; Aldric La'auli Porter - Co-Producer; Louise Rosner - Executive Producer/Unit Production Manager; Allison Shearmur - Executive Producer; Bryan Unkeless - Co-Producer; James Newton Howard - Music Composer; Jo Willems - Cinematographer; Alan Edward Bell - Editor; Debra Zane - Casting; Philip Messina - Production Designer; John Collins - Art Director: Supervising Art Director; Adam Davis - Art Director; Robert Fechtman - Art Director; Larry Dias - Set Decorator; Trish Summerville - Costume Designer; Diana Acrey - Hair Stylist; Lance Aldredge - Hair Stylist; Lay'Na Anderson - Makeup Artist; Elena Arroy - Makeup Artist; Dean Banowetz - Hair Stylist; Germicka Barclay - Makeup Artist; Stephanie Barnes - Makeup Artist; Maurice Beaman - Hair Stylist; David Beneke - Dental Prosthetics; Sheryl Blum - Hair Stylist; Chantal Boom'la - Makeup Artist/Makeup Dept.Head: 2nd Unit; Anita Brabec - Makeup Artist; Andrea C. 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Kevin Russell - Extra Makeup and Hairstylist; Deborah Rutherford - Makeup Artist; Don Rutherford - Makeup Artist; Monty Schuth - Additional Hair Stylist; Aida Scuffle - Makeup Artist; Toby Sells - Atlanta Life Casting for Optic Nerve Studios/Additional Dental Prosthetics: Toby Sells Creature Make Up FX Shop; Kendal Shannon - Makeup Artist; Jamilah Simmons - Makeup Artist; Trenton Simmons - Makeup Artist; Nikoletta Skarlatos - Key Makeup Artist; Colette Slattery - Hair Stylist; Ignacia Soto-Aguilar - Additional Makeup Artist; Natalie MacGowan Spencer - Image Designer; Anna Stachow - Makeup Assistant; Keitric Starks - Makeup Artist; Katrina Suhre - Hair Stylist; Jennifer Tremont - Hair Stylist; Nani Velez - Hair Stylist; Teresa Vest - Makeup Artist; Renè Warnes - Hair Stylist; Jean Webber - Hair Stylist; Lisa Ann Wilson - Hair Stylist; Robert Wilson - Hair Stylist; Steve Winsett - Special Makeup Effects Artist; Victoria Wood - Wig Maker; Mi Young - Makeup Artist; Jose Zamora - Hair Stylist; Debbie Zoller - Makeup Artist; Renee Confair - Production Supervisor: Hawaii; Jeffrey Harlacker - Post-Production Supervisor; Adam McCarthy - Production Supervisor; Mark W. McCoy - Vice President Feature Post Production; Jason Pomerantz - Production Manager: IMAX Version; Sarah Bourgeois - Assistant Sound Editor; Joel Dougherty - Sound Effects Editor; Robert Edwards - Adr Mixer; Lee Gilmore - Sound Effects Editor; Catherine Harper - Foley Artist; Shane Hayes - Adr Recordist; Hilda Hodges - Foley Artist; David Jobe - Foley Mixer; Thomas Jones - Supervising Dialogue & Adr Editor; Kyle D. Krajewski - Adr Recordist; Skip Lievsay - Re-Recording Mixer/Supervising Sound Editor; Hank Martin - Sound Utility; John Maskew - Playback; Michael Miller - Adr Mixer; Jordan O'Neill - Datasat Sound Mastering Engineer; Ralph Osborn - Dialogue Editor; Jeremy Peirson - Re-Recording Mixer/Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor; James Peterson - Sound Utility; Adam Pleiman - Adr Recordist; Drew Ponder - Boom Operator; Andy Potvin - Dolby Sound Consultant; Mark Purcell - Dubbing Recordist; David Raymond - Boom Operator; Carl Rohrs - Epk Sound Mixer; Greg Steele - Adr Mixer; Cameron Steenhagen - Dialogue Editor; John Joseph Thomas - Supervising Foley Editor; Chykeria Thompson - Utility (Second Unit); Mark Weingarten - Sound Mixer; Ryan Young - Adr Recordist; James Baker - Boom Operator; Pedro Jimenez - Trailer Re-Recording Mixer; John St. Denis - Adr Recordist; Steve Cremin - Special Effects Coordinator; Christian Eubank - Special Effects Foreman; Nick Karas - Second Unit Foreman; Pete Kelley - Special Effects Technician: Film Illusions; William D. 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Brady - Water Safety; Emily Brobst - Stunts/Stunt Double: Lynn Cohen; Eugene Brown - Stunts; Chris Bryant - Stunts; Jennifer Keady Cadwell - Stunts; Max Calder - Stunts; Stacey Carino - Stunts/Stunt Double: Megan Hayes; John Casino - Stunts; Stephen Conroy - Stunts/Stunt Driver; Scott Dale - Stunts/Utility Stunts; Chris Daniels - Stunts; Elizabeth Davidovich - Stunts; Nick DeKay - Stunts; Arturo Dickey - Stunts/Utility Stunts; Suzi Dixon - Stunts; Jared S. Eddo - Stunts/Utility Stunts; Margaret Eischen - Stunts; Michael Endoso - Stunts; Nick Epper - Stunts; Guy Fernandez - Stunts; Bob Fisher - Stunts; Monique Ganderton - Stunts; Dante Ha - Stunts; Sam Hargrave - Stunt Coordinator; Kari Harmon - Stunts; Regis Harrington - Stunts; Daniel Hernandez - Stunts; J.T. Holt - Stunts; David Hugghins - Stunts/Stunt Rigger; Michael Hugghins - Stunts; Bill Humphries - Stunts; Scott Hunter - Stunts; Keone Kim - Utility Stunts; Ralf Koch - Stunts/Stunt Double: Josh Hutcherson; Joni Kuhn - Stunts; Carlos Lopez - Stunts; Tara Macken - Stunts/Stunt Double: Meta Golding; Anderson Martin - Stunts; Jessica Merideth - Stunts/Stunt Double: Taylor St. Clair; Sarah Molasky - Stunts/Stunt Double: Jena Malone; Heidi Moneymaker - Stunts; Renae Moneymaker - Stunts/Stunt Double: Jennifer Lawrence; T. Ryan Mooney - Stunts; Jaylen Moore - Stunts; Kevin Morgan - Stunts; Matthew Austin Murray - Stunts; Abby Nelson - Stunts; Dan B. Norris - Stunts; Paul Andrew O'Connor - Stunts; Noon Orsatti - Stunts; Jane Oshita - Stunts; Jay Pearson - Stunts; Ian Quinn - Stunts; George Quinones - Stunts/Stunt Double: Lenny Kravitz; Sarah Reagin - Stunts; Greg Rementer - Stunts; Misty Rosas - Stunts; Andy Rusk - Stunts; Erik Schultz - Stunts/Stunt Double: Liam Hemsworth; Laurie Singer - Stunts; Lonnie R. Smith Jr. - Stunts; Tim J. Smith - Stunts; Jackson Spidell - Stunts; Chad Stahelski - Supervising Stunt Coordinator; Remington Steele - Stunts; Larnell Stovall - Stunts; Tracy E. Thomas - Stunts; Ashley Rae Trisler - Stunts/Stunt Double: Stephanie Schlund; Jaye Tyroff - Stunts; Will Wagner - Stunts; Greg Wattkis - Stunts; Michael Yahn - Stunts; Wendy Ying - Stunts; Jeanette Branch - Stunt Performer; Jwaundace Candece - Stunts; Harley Castro - Stunt Performer; Craig H. Davidson - Stunt Performer; Philip Dido - Stunt Double: Woody Harrelson; Katie Eischen - Stunt Double: Jennifer Lawrence/Jena Malone; Troy Faruk - Stunt Double: Jeffrey Wright; Kyle Gardiner - Stunt Rigger; Marian Green - Stunt Double: Amanda Plummer; Thayr Harris - Utility Stunts; Bobby Jordan - Stunt Performer; Aby Martin - Stunt Double: Stephanie Leigh Schlund; Dave Moro - Stunts; Jade Quon - Stunts; Maya Santandrea - Stunts; Cale Schultz - Stunts; Ben Smith-Petersen - Stunts: Motion Capture