B&W - Bowers & Wilkens - A Sound Experience (2005)
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Title B&W - Bowers & Wilkens - A Sound Experience
Production Year 2005
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Synopsis 1 Listen and you'll see
An Itroduction
Featuring "In your eyes" from the Peter Gabriel DVD "Growing up live"
(5.1 und Stereo-Mix). Still images taken from the DVD "Growing up live"

2 Art of Sound
A short film about the making of B&W 800 Series
Featuring music from the CD "Contact note" by John Hopkins (Stereo mix)

3 University of Sound
B&W's engineers talk about the key technologies used in B&W 800 series
Diamond domes
Tubes, Spheres and Ports
Driver Science
Cabinet Engineering
Crossover Craft

4 Passion of Music

5 Sound Mirrors

6 Music and Sound

7 Credits
Producer B&W Bowers & Wilkens
Creation Thomas Manss & Company
Production PLAYFRAME Berlin